Wednesday, January 19, 2011

describing myself as a designer. . . .

As I consider ways to describe myself as a designer, I think of how my designs describe me.  I think of the way I handle the process of a project, from the zygote of an idea all the way to the finished product.  I feel that interlatedness between the different parts and elements of a piece has utmost importance, and I try to find ways that connect them that may not be immediatly noticable to an audience.  When successful, the effect that is created is subconscious unity. 
Our first challenge this semester was creating a new blog header using text and a hand drawn picture.  Although I actually drew this tree a few years ago, I felt to be very representitive of my ideal design process.  There is balance between nature and man-made, organic shape and straight lines.  The design idea of economy is utilized in that the shape of the tree is created by only black horizontal ink lines and their negative space. I chose a text called "onyx"  because I thought the sharp, tightly spaced vertical appearance of the text created a visual partnership with the similar horizontal lines of the drawing.
For this semester, I would like my designs to capture the ideas of economy, balance, and unity through the use basic shapes and line.

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