Sunday, January 23, 2011

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circles, groves, and stacks. . .

Touring the campus in search of elements and principals of design, it seemed like connections to architectural antiquity could be found everywhere.  Here are a few photos I took demonstrating the use of the basic elements of design on campus. 


Circles provide a meeting space, a sense of community, and link us to ancient sacred sites.
With no end and no beginning, the circle is infinite.  Below, the circular pool is infinite on both horizontal and vertical planes.

On the bridge, the half circle connects us with the man made structure and draws our eye to the nature below, providing harmony and balance between the manufactured world and the natural world.


Extending vertically, columns provide a sense of strength and power.  Repetition of this element brings importance to the structure while implying solidarity.


Visually, stacks have a wide solid base and reach for the sky.  The provide a connection between us and the heavens, subtly connecting humans with the cosmos.

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