Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rendered Library Perspective

I enjoy how quickly you can see progress from a blocky, non-realistic looking space to a space that one might actually be able to use!!  I'm still working on a few details - I'd like to add some ontourage (like books on the shelves) and play with the lighting some more. 
Not bad for a first draft!

Rendered Perspective

Gatewood Studio's Library and Conference Room - Animated Fly-Through from SketchUp

First Draft of my animated fly-through!

Gatewood Studio's Library and Conference Room - 3D Models Made in Sketchup

Since I've only used sketchup only briefly before to make furniture, there was a bit of a learning curve for a 3D model.  I think I'm getting the hang of it, so here are my first drafts of the space!
Bird's Eye View

Hidden Line Perspective

Isometric Perspective

Isometric Parallel Projection

Top View

Animation coming soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interest in learning more . . .

What else would I like to learn about photoshop, illustrator, and autocad?
I'd like to learn more about vectors and vector based programs.  Right now I have a vague understanding of how curves are made in vector based programs but I'd like to learn how to make my curve be of a specific size and angle.  I'd also like to learn how to do more photo-realistic rendering in photoshop, such as proper lighting effects.  I'd like to master the concept of masks and layering to make myself more efficient.  In autocad I'd like to learn more about rendering plug-ins and how to use keyboard shortcuts.