Tuesday, December 7, 2010

more light inspiration. . .

I have been "collecting" visual inspiration since I was a sophomore in high school.  Back then, I made albums of magazine clippings organized by what attracted me to the page, such as color, graphics, or faces.  The way I store my collection has changed since then; I store (and find) almost everything on the computer.  Here are a few pictures that I've saved that have to do with lighting and light effect:

made from old cassette tapes

cassette tapes, Cd's, and a few VHS tapes
from dornob.com

This is CONCRETE!  See through, light transmitting, concrete! 
Benches, walls, room dividers, floor lamps. . . endless possibilities.
I believe this is made with a sort of fiber optic strand that is laid into the concrete.

love the wavy pattern - unique ambiance for a floor lamp

several of these (like 5) lined up next to each other look amazing. . .
like a miniature hedge (they stand about 18" tall).

Using old pots and pans and a lacy design creates a great effect!
From dornob.com

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