Saturday, February 19, 2011

dining space narrative. . .

The dining space I'm creating is intended to accommodate 4-10 people from around the world comfortably.  Although the identities and nationalities are unknown, I imagine that the guests would arrive in pairs (2 from each region or country).  The event is biannual, and a different hosting location is selected for each occasion.  I intend for the dining space to be outdoors, building (kitchen) adjacent.  Living walls would create an alcove, adding elements of privacy, intimacy, and sustainability.  The nature element would give the guests a sense of interconnectedness, despite their various backgrounds. 

The symbol of 2 hands clasped in a peaceful gesture inspires the shape of a modular dining table.

dining table gestures
The decor is eclectic, reclaimed, natural, rich in color and warm.  Table settings are not from a generic set but rather each piece is an individual;  seating, decor, and settings are from all over the world.  Overhead lanterns provide an intimate glow over the table while accent lights highlight the living walls and define the edges of the space.  Slatted wooden wall panels would block unwanted views and support a slatted wooden roof over the table and parts of the space.  The roof/awning would serve function and aesthetic purposes:  overhead lantern light would hang from it while also providing shelter and intimacy.

preliminary sketch

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