Saturday, February 19, 2011

cantelope chair: bring old and new forms of media together

In today's world, staying connected with social media applications is a top priority.  More and more time is devoted to sitting in front of a computer screen, and even when we're on the go, our smartphones keep us updated constantly.  Casual arguement with a friend at dinner over last nights basketball game?  Pull up the replays on your phone and settle it then and there!  Trivia question?  Google it! 
But in this on-the-go environment, what has been lost?  Taking time out to sit and read a newspaper or book is all but gone.

 In an effort to combine the old social media with the new, I thought of creating a chair that enabled both.  These chairs would be located in a public spot, like an airport or lobby, and slowly rotate and glide around on a track suspended from the ceiling.  Shelves in the side of the chair could hold magazines, books, and newspapers.  A large touch screen moniter at one side would keep you sublty updated with your favorite social networks, while the rotation and movement of the chair would allow for face-to-face human interaction with others.

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