Wednesday, February 16, 2011

burda, unit summary 1, IAR 221

New Layout (after considering suggestions in the comments):

Original Layout:


  1. I appreciate the presentation. The written text is well concieved. You put the pieces together well and that means you understand the unit. However, the font for the text reminds me of newspaper print. Doesn't seem to go with antique frame and color. I like Bank Gothic LTB, seems to go with everything or an antique font. The opens space in the middle of the second page seems to bother me. Perhaps you could have filled it with a watermark image. I like the open space on the first page, it creates a diagonal line leading to the circle. Good work.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Out of all the things I thought about, the text style managed to get left out. You were absolutely right. After revisiting the page (and finding a few gram/spell errors) and reworked the content layout with more thoughtfulness with respect to the ancetdote and the graphics used. I will post both versions for now. Thanks!

  3. second version much more clear than the first. nice work.