Monday, February 28, 2011

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happy spaces, happy places. . .

What is it that makes one happy?  An object, an area?  A person?  Thinking back to childhood, one of my happiest moments was more of a feeling of space than anything else.  In the hot Ohio summers, I remember running around barefoot in the backyard, full of dandelions.  During the nights I would still be running, still without shoes, with a large mason jar under my arm to catch fireflies.  I would set the jar beside my bed and let them go in the morning....
While trying to find a happy space on campus, there was a little difficulty because of the bleak grey day it was.
Our group finally decided on the courtyard behind the art museum.  For me, a happy space is outside, surrounded by greenery.  I love the color green and plants give me peace.  (It's too bad I can't keep a plant alive at my house!!)

I also found this area to be very happy and peaceful because it has elements of interactive fun that reminded me so much of making dandelion crowns and firefly nightlights as a child.

(of course, as an adult, the idea of of what's humorous has changed a little!)

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  1. Nice visual description. The imagery is a good comparison. I will give you a high grade because you put me in the picture.