Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sketch Series 3!

Light and Fabric.

Different types of light sources (lamps) give off different "shades" of light.  A hue can look completely different under an incandescent bulb when compared to a CFL.  How does the color temperature of the light affect warm vs. cool hues?  Does the texture of the object have a role?

Lighting In and Around Gatewood Studio
Both warm and cool fabric samples looked the most muted under the incandescent light.  The overcast sun produced the best color rendering and the most clear textures.  The third fabric sample was a bright blue with a glossy finish, and I found that one most difficult to photograph under the LED, M16, and in the direct sun lighting conditions.  The CFL's in the studio proved to be the most neutral when compared to the other 5 conditions - definitely a good thing since light neutrality is imperative in a studio environment!

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