Thursday, August 30, 2012

Human Health and Light


                I found the articles and health and light very interesting.  I have known for awhile that natural light effects our sleep pattern, and people that work nightshifts in bright areas have a skewed sense of time.  For me, as soon as it gets dark I start to feel sleepy, and if a professor were to turn off the lights in a classroom, I almost immediately put my head down.  I took an art history class at night once.  It was a three hour class that went from 6-9.  In the darkened auditorium with plush seating, by 7:30 I had to be woken up.  Needless to say, I am taking non-western art history again. 

                I would like to see more studies about the effect of blue light (for example, the LEDs in computer screens) in relationship to our ever faster-paced society.  People are sleeping less and working more and I am curious to know if the type of light we are receiving is more than just a coincidence.  I am also interested in knowing if I can use this to my advantage:  for example, when studying or when I have to stay up late doing (iarc) homework, should I surround myself with computer screens and cfls?  I am also curious to know how different types of lighting affect people in jail.  With minimal natural light and nearly 24 hour artificial light, does this make them more or less aggressive and how does the pattern of sleep play into that? 

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